35 PPC ideas for 2012

18 Jan

I recently read a really interesting blog on PPC Hero titled ‘145 PPC Must-Do’s for 2012’ (found here), which I enjoyed so much I thought I would extract my top points from it. I’ve picked out what I believe are the best and most original ideas in order for you to be a PPC god!

If you want to know why PPC is so great, check out my previous blog. Ok, now let’s hear these ideas!

1. Speed up your site. As technology gets better, people are less patient.

2. Be original. What works for others might not work for you. Focus on optimizing what you have, not trying to copy what someone else is doing.

3. Get more customer reviews. Once visitors hit your page, testimonials and reviews give them a reason to trust you.

4. Use remarketing to cross-sell. After someone has submitted a lead or purchased an item, keep remarketing to them. Tailor your message to the next step of your sales process or a related item.

5. An hour analyzing data may be worth 3 hours of general account maintenance. Become an Analytics guru, or hire one. Forrester Research reports that web analytics can lift ROI 900%-1200%.

6. Test your website on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It may look a lot different across each.

7. Create good, insanely valuable content first.

8. Spend more time in Bing. It’s impression share is growing, and they are working diligently to increase volume and quality of clicks.

9. Refine your unique selling proposition. Having a strong value proposition differentiates you from your competition and makes your keywords, ads, and landing pages feel more cohesive., worry about traffic second.

10. Make sure your mobile landing pages are “finger click” friendly. That means large buttons, links, and asking for limited information.

11. Use Google insights for valuable information about your industry and marketing channels.

12. Determine a goal for every page on your website. If you are an ecommerce site, the goal of a product page isn’t a sale; it’s an “add to cart”. It’s the cart page’s job to move the client to the payment details page, and the payment details page to get the sale.

13. Segment your campaigns by Branded and Non-Branded terms, Search and Display, and Desktop and Mobile.

14. Optimize based on ROI, not CPL/CPA

15. Increase communication with your PPC clients. Staying in front of them prevents you from being blindsided by changes.

16. Set up a Google + page so you can take advantage of that extension in AdWords.

17. Use site links extensions, they can drastically increase CTR.

18. Make Quality Score a primary focus. It lowers your CPC and increases your reach. Great guide here.

19. Test stand alone landing pages versus landing pages that are contained within your main site.

20. Compare how your ads perform at Top Vs. Other positions. Sometimes you’ll find you perform best when not at the top.

21. Get AdWords and Analytics certified. Even if you’ve been at the PPC game for a while, it’s possible that there are a few things you don’t know that can help your account.

22. Spend some time in Analytics on the real time feature. Not sure how much you’ll learn, but it’s pretty fun to see what’s happening, while it is happening.

23. Run reports on the performance of your top 10 keywords (by spend). These are the keywords that make the biggest impact on your account, so analyzing and optimizing them first can pay huge dividends.

24. Add /{KeyWord} to the end of your display URL’s. This dynamically inserts the users search query into it, and could help CTR and Quality Score.

25. Read Avinash Kaushik’s blog on Analytics.

26. Set up Google Alerts for your brand and your competitors. Staying on top of the news will let you take advantage of trends by identifying popular topics and knowing when you might see a spike it search queries and should increase your budget.

27. Step up your Excel game to increase your reporting capabilities. Great guide here.

28. Audit your keyword lists and insure that every match type of every keyword is in there. Then pause/adjust bids based on which perform best.

29. Stop using the word “cheap” in your ads. It looks…cheap.

30. Decrease your bounce rates by dynamically inserted the users search query in the headline of your landing page.

31. Audit the alternative text on all your images. Make sure it is there, relevant, and not spammy.

32. Use bullet points on your landing pages to convey your most important points.

33. Use the In-Page Analytics report in Google Analytics to determine where users click on once in your site. This will tell you if they are going where you want them to, or if you’re distracting people from your desired conversion path.

34. Follow best SEO practices for your site. The line between PPC and SEO is narrowing, as shown in this Mashable post.

35. Write in short sentences. And brief paragraphs. It’s easier to read.


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